We have the solution for all your English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Russian translation needs. From helping academic institutions comply with state requirements, reduce paperwork and ensure meaningful communication with parents in their own language,  to offering a stress free framework to reach your multicultural audiences.

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how can we help?

Translation projects can go wrong, an overuse of machine translation or not having optimal project management can hinder the reliability of your message. The good news is that we understand not only the language, but the culture.  We understand education and specialize in servicing schools and institutions in which their respective states mandate that all communication to the parents is sent in their NATIVE language.  We make sure every nuance is well-understood to deliver a cross-cultural document that has the correct style and tone.

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Helping educational institutions provide families with reliable and relevant written communication in their parent's native language.


The most accurate and precise human translation in the market for all your legal and official documentation


We thrive at transcreation, copy and social media translation to fulfill your target market's multicultural needs.

health care & medical

We specialize in delivering high quality medical work tailored to our customer's communication and localization objectives.

travel & tourism

We understand travel, we are part of the ecosystem. We deliver information on gastronomy, hospitality, air travel and destinations.

Business & Finance

Translation of specialized texts that include business terminology and terms including banking and accounting.

Meet Edwin

Edwin Roa
Roa Translations

Skilled translator with over 10 years of experience. A lifelong learner that is passionate about multicultural communication, and language research.

Having had the opportunity to work in several multicultural settings he developed his interest in serving an industry where word plus word doesn’t mean accurate. 

He holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts and has combined his work in multinational travel and tourism corporations with his dedication to mastering translation and getting technical trained in spoken, written Spanish, and Portuguese grammar, and composition.

He is a member of the American Translation Association and can easily navigate through the nuances of a variety of written material as an expert simultaneous translator.

why work with us

More than two decades of combined experience translating for the most demanding multicultural states of the country promoting speed and accuracy.

It is a fact that cookie cutter techniques are not always the best route in the translation world. The framework is crafted to meet specific criteria.

Consistently producing fully accurate, well-worded translations.

  •  Clients always rely on us and trust they will receive a prompt response to their communication and an on-time delivery. Meeting deadlines is our priority. 

We take pride in playing by the “rules” – maintaining confidentiality, observing business and professional ethics, respecting our client/supplier relationships.